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Located in Minnesota’s popular Anoka County, Lino Lakes has a population of over 17,000 residents. Much of Lino Lakes real estate is located along Rice Creek as it flows throughout the heart of the city. Most residents living in Lino Lake belong to the upper middle class division with a strong population of young families in their thirties. People are attracted to the city because of its natural amenities which include 13 lakes and several seasonal wetlands. These reasons make Lino Lakes real estate very desirable for those who love nature there are also plenty of family themed activities to participate in. The Rice Creek Campground which is located along Rice Creek a 2,700 acre area in the Regional Park Reserve, golf courses like the Shadow Ridge Golf Range and the Wargo Nature Center. Look below for more Lino Lakes real estate.

Lino Lakes Homes for Sale

There are several dozen Lino Lakes homes for sale. With the help of a local agent, you can find a selection of Lino Lakes homes for sale that are designed to fit your home buying needs. Whether your budget is tight or if you are looking for a home with all the amenities, there is bound to be a Lino Lakes home for sale for you. Many of the homes for sale are two-story traditional and contemporary styled homes located just minutes from one of the many lakes such as Rice, Wards and Sherman Lake. Because there are so many lakes in the area, homes in Lino Lakes are very desirable and surprisingly quite affordable. Search below for more Lino Lakes homes for sale.



Lino Lakes Foreclosures

If you’re looking for a foreclosed home, look no further than Lino Lakes. With a population of more than 16,000, Lino Lakes is a unique town in which 15 percent of the area is made up of water. That means you can enjoy your favorite water-related activities and outdoor recreation during any time of the year. The Rice Creek flows right through Lino Lakes and provides residents with great chances to enjoy a picnic or lay by the creek and enjoy the sound of the water flowing by. Find a Lino Lakes foreclosure on the current list below today!

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Whether you are selling your home or refinancing your home, you will need to know the value of it so you can get the best price. Lino Lakes homes are valued at an estimated median of over $272,000 and have increased more than 40 percent. Lino Lakes homes are worth over 20 percent more than the average Minnesota home. Lino Lakes is a small town that allows you easy access to the big city life of the Twin Cities. If you are looking to add value to your home, simple upgrades or even remodeling a room in your home can add a lot of value. Enhanced Interiors located at 1505 Sherwood Road have been serving customers in Minnesota since 1989. Enhanced Interiors specialize in kitchens and bathrooms, if you are looking to add on, they also specialize in basements and porches. Fill out the form below and access your Lino Lakes home value for a quick and easy estimate.

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