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Living in one of the available North Oaks real estate properties is ideal for potential homebuyers with a family or simply looking for a great investment home. Located in Minnesota’s Ramsey County, North Oaks is a unique town in several respects. One of the most unique things about North Oaks is that all of the streets in the town are privately owned. With about 3,000 North Oaks residents, the town is also unique in its affluence because the median household income is nearly $150,000 and less than 2% of the population lives below the national poverty level. On the outskirts of the city, North Oaks residents can take advantage of several higher education facilities that will help them achieve a wide range of academic or life goals. Whether you want to learn a new skill or work towards a prestigious degree, you can take advantage of Century Community and Technical College, Bethel College, Metropolitan State University or the University of St. Thomas, all of which are just a few miles away. For more information on North Oaks real estate, check the current listings below.

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With the affluence that the town is typically known for, North Oaks homes for sale are generally upscale with deluxe amenities. Many of these homes are new builds, but you can also find some that have been around for several years. There are also many individual homes that aren’t included in traditional neighborhoods. Many of these North Oaks homes for sale are located along one of the several lakes scattered throughout the city. Black Lake, Wilkinson Lake, Charley Lake and Pleasant Lake are just a few of the water features that give North Oaks resident’s tremendous views from the comfort of their home. Search below for more North Oaks homes for sale.



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If you are looking into selling your North Oaks home, you will need to know the value of your home. Because North Oaks is for upper class residents, homes have an estimated median value of over $715,000 which has increased more than 42 percent in recent years. North Oaks homes are worth over 72 percent more than the average Minnesota home, making the city a very valuable real estate market. But if you’d like to make your home even more valuable, consider upgrading or remodeling.  Fill out the form below and access your North Oaks home value for a quick and easy estimate.

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