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Robbinsdale real estate properties in eastern Minnesota’s Hennepin County are becoming a popular place for new homeowners. With more than 14,000 residents, it’s a rather small community with the nearby conveniences of the big metropolitan areas of the Twin Cities. Pomegranate Press and Fawcett Publications – two major publishing companies – make their home in Robbinsdale and they provide a number of jobs for area residents. In addition, several popular personalities from the wrestling world call Robbinsdale home. Rick Rude, Verne and Greg Gagne, Gene Okerlund and Curt Hennig are just a few of the better known names from the area. As for recreation, Robbinsdale includes several natural neighborhood parks that are ideal for playing or spending time together with family or neighbors. Lake Park, Lions Park, Grazier Park, Triangle Park and Manor Park are just a few of the lush green areas. You can also find playground equipment, sports fields and other features with some of these parks. Look below for listed Robbinsdale real estate.

Robbinsdale Homes for Sale

With the available Robbinsdale homes for sale, potential buyers can choose from historically preserved structures from the 1930s to homes and cottages from the post-World War II era and many modern homes, too. The community has managed to maintain several aspects that show the farming history of the town. Owners of Robbinsdale homes for sale enjoy several celebrations throughout town. The Whiz Bang Days is held each July and it is designed as a festival to celebrate Captain Billy’s Whiz Bang books – a name ascribed to the publications of Captain Billy Fawcett who published several magazines that were used to keep World War I Doughboys informed and to let area residents know about what’s happening in the war. Robbinsdale is also dedicated to providing opportunities for all age ranges in the community. The Robbinsdale Gymnasium and Fitness Center offers exercise facilities and other equipment to help people maintain an active lifestyle. Robbinsdale seniors can also use the services of the Robbinsdale Senior Center for a variety of activities and programs as well. Search below for Robbinsdale homes for sale.



Robbinsdale Foreclosures

There are several Robbinsdale foreclosures to choose from with hundreds more in the encompassing Hennepin County. Most homes are priced at reasonable rates and are priced less than they are worth. Many notable people have come from Robbinsdale and there were even several TV shows filmed in Robbinsdale, including Dark Shadows, Dawson’s Creek and Ally McBeal. Buying a Robbinsdale foreclosure is a wise investment especially for first-time home buyers. Listed below are several Robbinsdale foreclosures that you can consider today!

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Knowing your Robbinsdale home value is important if you are planning on selling your home or for just plain curiosity. The estimated median value of a Robbinsdale home is about $191,000 and has increased about 40 percent in recent years. If you want to increase the value of your home, however, Kitchen Solvers Inc. is one of the companies you can contact. They are conveniently located at 635 Lowry Avenue N less than three miles away form Robbinsdale. Kitchen Solvers has been in business for more than 25 years and has more than 30,000 satisfied customers and counting. Their mission is to “meet or exceed the expectations of our customers” and it shows. Use the form below to get access to your Robbinsdale home value or one that you plan on buying in the near future.

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