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Minnesota’s Shoreview real estate properties, located in the eastern part of the state in Ramsey County, are popular commodities for potential buyers in the area. Shoreview residents have access to several recreational and economic opportunities that help to add to the attractiveness of the available homes. Several neighborhood Shoreview parks are scattered throughout the area, including Turtle Lake, Island Lake, Snail Lake Regional Park and several others. Some of these parks have large natural areas for playing sports or enjoying a picnic with others. Other parks have playground equipment and beaches that make them ideal for other purposes. Because of these parks and natural areas, it’s easy for Shoreview residents to maintain an active lifestyle for the entire year. In addition, several businesses are located in Shoreview which help to add to the thriving economy and providing jobs for residents. Major businesses include Wells Fargo, Super Target, Curtis 1000 and Deluxe Corporation, among others. Use our convenient form below for listed Shoreview real estate.

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Living in one of the available Shoreview homes for sale is ideal for a variety of reasons. For avid golfers, the Island Lake Golf Center is an ideal place to enjoy a day on the link with other golfers. The lush greens and scenic water features makes this a favorite place for golfers of all experience levels. The Tropics Indoor Water Park is also available at the Shoreview Community Center and provides several water-related activities, including a wave pool and swimming pool. In addition, the Shoreview Skatepark offers a quality place for teens and young adults to enjoy a day of skateboarding or rollerblading. There’s also a great trail system that winds throughout the town for those who want to explore the hidden areas of Shoreview. Search below for these and other Shoreview homes for sale.



Shoreview Foreclosures

Shoreview is a city just outside of St. Paul and Minneapolis and has a population of about 27,000 residents. If you are looking for a reasonably-priced home, Shoreview foreclosures are ideal for you. There are several homes in Shoreview that are in foreclosure with hundreds more within Ramsey County. Shoreview is known for their very low crime rates because of youth mentoring, crime preventions, the Neighborhood Watch and community-oriented functions. Search the current list of Shoreview foreclosures below to find one that meets your needs.

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Homes in Shoreview have an estimated median value of about $272,000 and have increased about 42 percent in recent years. Shoreview residents have access to many family activities. There’s the Island Lake Golf Course, Shoreview Community Center which is home to the Tropics Indoor Water Park, the Skate Park and a variety of trails and natural parks. But if you want to focus on your home and add more value to it, House of Dreams LLC can help you upgrade or even do major remodeling projects. Located at 4001 Rice Street, this company has nearly 40 years in the home improvement industry. It is a family-owned and operated and offers specialized “green” services so you can help the environment while still making your home better. They do bathrooms, kitchens, basements, countertops and much more. The form below allows you to access your Shoreview home value with a few simple clicks of your mouse.

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